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Content themes



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Content themes

 Informed by conversations with the Higher Education community, we've defined six core themes to shape our year-round content, ensuring that key stakeholders worldwide can address their most pressing challenges and priorities through our show and online resources.



  • Envisioning dynamic new digital strategies based on flexibility, agility and sustainability
  • Ensuring cybersecure, streamlined infrastructure and management systems
  • Pioneering diverse approaches to formulating a positive student experience



  • Reimagining physical and digital learning spaces to foster creativity and collaboration

  • Utilising subject-specific technology to drive creativity, develop agency and empower students

  • Adopting new technologies to keep pace with the changing research landscape



  • Prioritising wellbeing and change mindset for students and staff across your whole institution

  • Engaging the student voice to shape strategy, practice and culture

  • Designing strategies to improve retention and rebalance workload for staff



  • Providing equitable access to high-quality education so that all learners are able to fulfil their potential

  • Ensuring greater flexibility in learning environments through universal design for learning

  • Creating a fair and inclusive environment for students and staff from all backgrounds



  • Transforming learning environments and facilities to develop future-ready universities

  • Rethinking approaches to pedagogy, assessment and research to reflect the accelerated use of technology

  • Collaborating with EdTechs Further Education and employers to foster creative solutions to shared challenges



  • Helping students to develop critical skills for the future, including digital capabilities and collaborative working

  • Redesigning the learning experience to cultivate both technical knowledge and creative thinking

  • Providing continuous and sustainable upskilling for staff to drive pedagogical knowledge

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