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Positive Disruptors: Navigating uncertainty and accelerated transformation in Higher Education

📅 Thur, 22/09/2022 · 14:00 (BST)
🕓 Duration: 35 mins

What does a successful university look like today? As the sector begins to settle after two years of accelerated transformation, Higher Education providers around the world are under pressure to keep up with the changing needs of students and improve the quality of their teaching and learning.

The current climate offers many opportunities for universities to experiment with new and exciting approaches to education, and widen their appeal to new demographics, but the question remains: How can senior leaders ensure that they are making the right choices to keep their institutions adaptable, resilient and insulated against future change? 

In this episode of Think Ahead TV, we’ll be talking about the importance of EdTech and internationalisation in Higher Education. We’re excited to welcome the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, the Department of International Trade, and Phoenix Software Solutions as we explore the role of positive disruption in driving success.


  • We’re kicking off with an interview with Dr Cohen Tan, who joins us to discuss how his institution has driven global collaboration, strengthened digital infrastructure and invested in student engagement in order to fortify against uncertainties.
  • Our case study section is presented by Phoenix Software, who join us to showcase how they support Education institutes with their Sustainability strategy and implement solutions to give organisations a competitive advantage, meet their Sustainability objectives and start delivering real change with their Education focused Sustainability assessments and services.
  • We’ll end with Dr Suzanna Tomassi, who joins Max in the Think Ahead TV studio to discuss global trends in digital transformation, the importance of EdTech and internationalisation, and what makes a university successful.

Discussion points

  • Global trends in digital transformation
  • Evolving needs of students and industry
  • Evidencing value and quality of learning
  • Embracing an international reach and branching into new markets
  • Digital infrastructure as a central factor in a successful business model
  • Managing student engagement on remote campuses
  • Protecting your institution from uncertainty


Max Oliver Ahead by Bett

Max Oliver

Event Director
Ahead by Bett

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Dr K Cohen Tan

Dr K Cohen Tan

Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
University of Nottingham, Ningbo


Dr Suzanna Tomassi

Dr Suzanna Tomassi

Higher Education Specialist, Digital, Education, Creative, Consumer & Sports (DECS) Directorate
Department for International Trade


Craig Taylor Phoenix

Craig Taylor

Director of Cloud Solutions
Phoenix Software


Jennifer Clewley

Jennifer Clewley

Customer Success Sustainability Lead
Phoenix Software

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