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Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson

Chief Information Officer, Royal Holloway
United Kingdom
Mike was the Chief Information Officer at Royal Holloway from January 2020 until March 2023. A long career in HE began in IT then migrated to Student Services, Strategic Planning & Change and ultimately back to IT with a combination of technical and functional expertise. He designed an executed the programme of IT response to the Covid-19 pandemic at Royal Holloway, pivoting the organisation's educational offering from in-person to hybrid / online in just three months and accelerated digitisation across the professional services. Mike has embedded the Enterprise Architecture function and designed a comprehensive digital transformation programme aligned to the University strategy post-pandemic. He has established the governance and leadership model for this rolling digital programme now entering its third year of successful delivery. In addition he has transformed the University's approach to cyber security and IT related risk management and is one of a small group of 'Silver Commanders' responsible for major incident response and is a trained tactical emergency manager.

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