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Dr Suzanna Tomassi

Dr Suzanna Tomassi

Higher Education Specialist, Digital, Education, Creative, Consumer & Sports (DECS) Directorate, UK Department of Business and Trade (DBT)
United Kingdom
Suzanna Tomassi has joined DBT as the HE specialist working in the education team. Suzanna supports the delivery of the International Education Strategy ambitions to increase education exports, and to increase the numbers of international HE students studying in the UK. Liaising with UK and overseas governments to promote the UK HE sector in trade talks, she also identifies opportunities for UK HE providers in developing transnational education, including online and distance education. With over 20 years experience in HE, she spent the last 16 years in business development, working with academic partners in the UK and abroad, organising and managing collaborative provision, global experiences and online international learning. Suzanna previously worked in senior roles at four different UK universities, including the top UK TNE players. Studying abroad as a student triggered Suzanna's life-long passion about the HE sector. With two Masters Degrees, she is senior fellow of Advanced HE. She completed an MBA in HE Management while her PhD focused on HE and regional development.

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