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Roundtable & Networking Event

Revolutionising Learning: Making visions a reality in strategic planning

📅 Tues, 08/11/2022
🏫 Core Technology Facility, University of Manchester
🕓 12:30 - 17:30 (GMT)

The Office for Students has issued guidance on assessing student outcomes and experience. This guidance requires universities to draw on specific data indicators in order to assess student outcomes, including:

a. A continuation indicator that measures the percentage of students that continue in the study of a higher education qualification (or have gained a qualification) after one year (two years for part-time students).

b. A completion indicator that measures the percentage of students that complete a higher education qualification, which we propose to base on either tracking individual entrants or by calculating the proportion of students likely to complete the qualification they started, through up to six subsequent years of study.

c. A progression indicator constructed from the Graduate Outcomes survey data that measures progression to managerial or professional employment, or further study, 15 months after a higher education qualification has been awarded. 

In this roundtable workshop, we’ll be exploring how Higher Education providers can evidence strategic planning around these three ideas in structuring approaches to intervention, implementing learning analytics across course design, and building adaptive assessment into the curriculum.


  • 12:30 - Networking lunch
  • 13:30 - Introduction to roundtable themes and aims for guest speaker/moderator
  • 13:40 -  Roundtable part 1 – Continuation Indicators
  • 14:00 - Refreshment break
  • 14:30 - Roundtable part 2 – Completion Indicators
  • 14:50 - Refreshment break
  • 15:00 - Roundtable part 3 – Progression Indicators
  • 15:20 - Wrap up and share findings
  • 15:45 - Networking drinks

Who should attend?

Head of Education, Pedagogical Lead, Curriculum Development, Quality Assurance, Dean, Director of Studies, Disability Adviser, Head of Student Success, Head of Academic Affairs, Head of Teaching and Learning, Assistive Technology, Teacher, Lecturer, Dean, Faculty, Professor, Librarian, Assistive Professors, Further Education, Head of Faculty, Head of Department, Head of Subject, Further Education, Director of Student Engagement, Head of Digital Strategy, Learning Technologist

This list of job titles is not exhaustive. If you're not on the list above, but feel like this roundtable is applicable to your role, please fill on the form to register your interest.

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Meet the moderators

Dr K Cohen Tan

Dr K Cohen Tan

Vice Provost for Teaching and Learning
University of Nottingham, Ningbo

Dr Suzanna Tomassi

Dr Suzanna Tomassi

Higher Education Specialist, Digital, Education, Creative, Consumer & Sports (DECS) Directorate
Department for International Trade

Craig Taylor Phoenix

Craig Taylor

Director of Cloud Solutions
Phoenix Software

Jennifer Clewley

Jennifer Clewley

Customer Success Sustainability Lead
Phoenix Software

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