Collaborate and create new opportunities

Meet Education Institutions and Governments to collaborate, create opportunities and do business.

It’s where business gets done! Connect @ Bett helps the Ahead by Bett and Bett communities connect and collaborate via individual and group meetings. You’ll meet new people, discover new organisations and create incredible opportunities and meaningful connections that result in new leads and business opportunities.

Connect @ Bett is the largest lead gen meetings programme for the Higher Education community. We’ll connect 2,000+ buyers from Education Institutions and Governments with 300+ Solution Providers for 5,000+ high-value lead generation meetings onsite at Ahead by Bett and Bett 2023. All meetings are double-opt-in, which means both people want to meet and are scheduled based on each individual's availability.


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Buyers from Institutions & Governments

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Solution Providers

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High-value meetings

Who should join?

Solution Providers join Connect @ Bett to:

  • Participate in double opt-in 15-minute introductory meetings with buyers from Education Institutions and Governments who want to meet you (we’ve completed tens of thousands of meetings and, trust us, 15 minutes is the right amount of time)
  • Continue your introductory conversations by requesting follow up meetings in our app and downloading your meetings summary, including notes taken and contact details for everyone you meet

Solution Providers from across the global education industry are joining Connect @ Bett, including startups and established providers of:

  • Teaching & Learning Technologies
  • Equipment & Hardware
  • Management Solutions
  • Non-Tech


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Past and current participants

geo breakdownWho will I meet?

You’ll meet everyone you need to meet from UK and international institutions and governments. Build your pipeline with qualified leads – all meetings are double opt-in with buyers who have chosen to meet you and learn more about your products, solutions and services.


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Here's who's joining Connect @ Bett:

Education Institutions

  • Pre-K/Pre-school
  • K-12/School
  • Higher Education/University


  • Municipal/Local
  • State
  • Federal/Country

Buyers with responsibility or influence on buying decisions for:

  • Teaching & Learning Technologies
  • Equipment & Hardware
  • Management Solutions
  • Non-Tech

Buyers from the following job functions or areas of responsibility:

  • Institution Leader
  • Senior Leadership/Management Team
  • Finance & Business Leader
  • IT Leader
  • IT/ICT Support & Management
  • Operations
  • Procurement
  • Admissions/Student Recruitment
  • Staff HR/Recruitment
  • Administration & Support Staff
  • Business Development & Partnerships
  • Educator/Teacher/Lecturer
  • Librarian
  • Marketing/PR/Press

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How does it work?

Connect @ Bett participants from your organisation will follow a simple process in the 4 weeks preceding Bett and Ahead by Bett to schedule their meetings. Then when they’re onsite, they’ll attend their meetings. It’s that easy!


how does it work?


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