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08 Nov 2021

The content themes for Ahead by Bett

The content themes for Ahead by Bett

In response to emphatic demand from the Higher Education community, we’re launching Ahead by Bett in March 2022. Designed to provide senior leadership teams with a place to learn, network and trade, this event brings together experts and innovators from across the sector to tackle the plethora of business and pedagogical challenges faced by universities today.

In order to help you navigate our three stages of content, and to ensure we’re truly meeting the needs of the Higher Education community, we’ve created six distinct themes to help structure our conference programme. Informed by interviews with Higher Education professionals and discussions with our advisory board, these themes are designed to highlight current challenges, digital outlook and aspirations in terms of strategy. 

Without further ado, we’re delighted to present our themes for Ahead by Bett: 






  • Consolidating learnings to create a robust, purpose-built digital strategy beyond crisis response 

  • Harnessing the power of partnerships to expand the learner journey 

  • Ensuring sustainability in institution infrastructure across management, system procurement, research and cybersecurity 


  • Reimagining physical and digital learning spaces to foster creativity and collaboration 

  • Empowering students to participate in learning design, co-creation and self-directed learning 

  • Providing students and staff with resources that span cutting-edge research disciplines 


  • Engaging the student voice to shape strategy, practice and culture  

  • Toolkits to ensure social-emotional development, student mental wellbeing and physical health 

  • Strategies to prioritise staff wellbeing, develop resilience and rebalance workload 

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  • Providing equitable access to high quality education so that all learners are able to fulfil their potential 

  • Ensuring a student-led learning experience through leveraging a range of assistive technologies and practices 

  • Delivering a truly inclusive and representative curriculum 


  • Transforming learning environments and facilities to develop future-ready universities 

  • Rethinking approaches to research and development to reflect the accelerated use of technology 

  • Embracing alternative models of education to employ future-facing learning design 


  • Harnessing self-directed learning to develop digital capabilities  

  • Delivering long-term professional development for empowered, competent and confident educators 

  • Reframing assessment to recognise lifelong skills critical to a viable future workforce 


Each of the themes above has been carefully crafted from conversations we’ve had with members of the Higher Education community and are designed to highlight opportunities for innovative transformation as well as the challenges faced by the sector. In the wake of extreme disruption, we’re excited to explore the ways in which the sector can thrive in a post-pandemic landscape and continue to provide a quality, future-proofed student experience. 

About Ahead by Bett 

Ahead by Bett will take place at the ExCeL London in March 2022. We’re excited to come together to strategise for the future and share contrasting visions of how to improve quality of learning in Higher Education. 

For more information or to find out more about opportunities at Ahead by Bett, please don't hesitate to contact a member of our team

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