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Nathan Mentzer

Nathan Mentzer

Associate Professor, Purdue University
Nathan Mentzer is an associate professor in the Purdue Polytechnic College jointly and College of Education. Strategically hired for the P12 STEM initiative, Dr. Mentzer prepares Technology and Engineering candidates for teacher licensure, conducts research and mentors graduate students. Nathan has taken an active role in guiding the evolution of the undergraduate teacher education program, an Integrated STEM education concentration and a minor in design and innovation at Purdue informed by his National Science Foundation funded research on Design Thinking.

Nathan is strategic in connecting theory, practice and research. He engages P16 educators in research efforts to develop innovative pedagogical strategies situated in STEM education classrooms. He is active in the International Technology and Engineering Education’s Association through national and international professional development. His current research efforts focus on improving learning using ACJ as a primer, expanding accessibility using HyFlex participation and broadening participation in STEM education through co-robotics.

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