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Alexa Joyce

Alexa Joyce

Director of Transformation and Skills, Microsoft
As Digital Transformation & Skills Director, Alexa works across the Europe, Middle East and Africa region to drive digital transformation of education institutions and digital skills development, from primary through to higher education. She focuses on enabling them to develop the skills that students need to succeed in work and life. Over the last 20 years, Alexa has worked with governments in more than 100 countries across the world in digital transformation.

She previously led the global strategy at Microsoft for engaging and support education system leaders as they evolve their institutions, and was formerly EMEA Director of Policy, Teaching and Learning, focusing on supporting national device deployments across the region. Prior to Microsoft, she worked with leading international education organizations: European Schoolnet (the network of 34 Ministries of Education in Europe), UNESCO and OECD. She’s on the advisory board of the EDUCATE incubator ed-tech startups in the UK.

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