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Ahead by Bett 2022



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  • Ahead by Bett 2022 | Matthew Syed on how to unlock untapped potential in your teams

    26 Jan 2023 Matthew Syed, Writer, Journalist and Broadcaster
    This month, we’re looking back at the questions our audience asked Matthew Syed in the Q&A session after his presentation on the power of cognitive diversity and high performance in Higher Education. ...
  • Revisit a session from Ahead 2022 featuring ASU and Educate Ventures Research. In this session, leaders from both teams share the innovative ways they approached and analysed student data, what they d ...
  • Dr. Helen Papagiannis, the AR pioneer, joined us at Ahead by Bett 2022 for a fireside chat in collaboration with Zoom to explore how augmented reality can enhance the human experience, build connectio ...
  • Heidi Fraser-Krauss, Jisc CEO, gives her view on what’s helping and hindering innovation in the use of technology in UK Higher Education.
  • What happens as universities, and their academic staff, move away from being ‘analogue’ and based on a particular campus, to becoming much more ‘digital’ and potentially nomadic?
  • Ahead by Bett 2022 | Navigating unchartered territory in Higher Education

    29 Sep 2022 Suki Fuller, Analytical Storyteller, Miribure
    With new technologies currently disrupting everything we know about teaching and learning, we hear from Suki about how we can learn to thrive when traditional models of education are turned on their h ...
  • Explore what potential opportunities the sector now has to grow through expanding its offering for professional development. As we look to the future, leaders in Higher Education must expand their cur ...
  • Mind the Gap: Addressing the skills gap and meeting the expectations of modern learners. In collaboration with Microsoft
  • Ahead by Bett 2022 | Prof Sir Steve Smith on the future of Higher Education

    Professor Sir Steve Smith, UK Government International Education Champion
    Professor Sir Steve Smith, UK’s International Education Champion, kicks off the content programme at Ahead by Bett and shares his thoughts on the future of Higher Education.
  • This session explores the essential steps in rebuilding a recruitment strategy and the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in student recruitment. Speakers will discuss different appr ...

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