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Ahead by Bett 2022



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Ahead by Bett 2022 | Student Recruitment 4.0

  • Dr David Pilsbury, Chief Development Officer, Oxford International
  • Elizabeth Shepherd, Managing Director - Consultancy, Times Higher Education
  • Patrick Hayes, Chief Development Officer, Times Higher Education
  • Professor Wendy Alexander, Vice-Principal (International), University of Dundee

The international student was perhaps the most disrupted stakeholder in Higher Education when the pandemic interrupted traditional approaches to learning. However, the resulting freedom awarded to students has led to further disruption to international student recruitment. With the university landscape changed forever, how can senior leadership teams continue to provide a quality learning experience for international students?

This session explores the essential steps in rebuilding a recruitment strategy and the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in student recruitment. Speakers will discuss different approaches to capturing and channelling students in order to develop a robust strategy for student recruitment in a post-pandemic world.

Recorded on 24/03/2022 at Ahead by Bett 2022
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