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Using digital assessment in mathematics to improve university-wide student retention

31 Mar 2023
Skills , Innovation
Many students on undergraduate courses struggle with basic maths skills. In the best-case scenario this hinders the students' progress, potentially weakening their grades, but in the worse cases this can lead to increasing student frustration and in some cases, students dropping out of courses altogether. Dr Ovidiu Bagdasar, Associate Professor at the University of Derby, is deeply invested in designing formative assessment interventions that help support and develop student confidence in maths, which has led to an improvement in the university's student retention rates. Join Dr Bagdasar in the Sandbox to explore how you can use digital assessment solutions to reduce student drop-out rates in your university.
Matt Wingfield, Chief Executive - The eAssessment Association
Ovidiu Bagdasar, Associate Professor in Mathematics - University of Derby

In collaboration with:

The eAssessment Association

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