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Technophilosophy: How understanding the impact of technology leads to better education

31 Mar 2023
Wellbeing , Innovation , Futures
Digital technology becomes more intimate and more intense. This means that understanding the impact becomes even more important, especially for higher education. On the one hand because higher education institutions themselves increasingly support education with advanced digital technology (AI-studentapp, adaptive learningtools, mixed reality education) but on the other hand, and perhaps even more importantly, because digital intense digital technology comes from outside (smartphones, copilot, metaverse, ChatGPT). What is the real impact of (educational) technology? How does technology make things better? What is better? When is progress better served without technology? How do I discuss this with my students? How do I activate my teachers? In this session, Rens discusses which steps Fontys University of Applied Sciences has taken in this regard and which concrete resources, which are available to everyone, have resulted from this.
Gill Ferrell, Programme Director/Relationship Manager - 1EdTech Europe
Rens van der Vorst, Head of IT Innovation & Technophilosopher - Fontys University of Applied Science

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