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Agenda 2023



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How to Teach and Learn with ChatGPT: AI and new horizons for assistive technologies

31 Mar 2023
Futures , Inclusion
ChatGPT can be used for many practical purposes now by both learners and educators. And no, it is not writing essays for them. What's more, it is not the only tool using similar technologies out there. Nor is it the final word in what can be done. This workshop will provide practical examples of what ChatGPT has been used for and how it improved the lives of its users. We will explore how it could be a time saving device for busy academics but even more how it can help students develop better understanding of their subject. This can be only done with the understanding of what are the key principles of how these technologies work. We will address the founding principles as well as the emergence of the new skill of prompt engineering. Finally, we will place ChatGPT in the wider landscape of Artificial Intelligence and consider what we can expect in the near future.
Dominik Lukes, Assistive Technology Officer - Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Oxford

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