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Redesigning the CIO: Balancing resource and workforce in Higher Education

29 Mar 2023
Leadership , Futures
Following the disruption of the past three years, the role of CIOs in Higher Education Institutions has taken on greater strategic influence. With investments in technology infrastructure soaring since the pandemic, and even larger investments on the horizon, the CIO plays a vital role in managing the delivery of long-term digital strategies for today's university. In this panel discussion we'll explore competing demands on today's CIOs, including: the impact of managing a tidal wave of tech change to enable fully online learning and assessment during the pandemic; making business cases for increased investments; implementing target operating models to improve user tech experience and reduce costs in institutions resistant to change; recruiting and retaining broader talent and experience.
Mel Gomes, Head of IT Commercial Management and Contracts - Royal Holloway, University of London
Mike Johnson, Chief Information Officer - Royal Holloway

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