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Media Lab in a Bag: Learning 24/7 with Apple technology

31 Mar 2023
Futures , Innovation
In this session, Shaun Hides will outline Coventry University's 1:1 MacBook scheme for students undertaking Media courses. During the presentation, you will hear about the business and pedagogic rationales for the scheme, and reflections on its implementation and wider impacts at individual, course, school, and institutional levels. The presentation will explore the wider contextual factors and changes in thinking required for its successful inception, the shifts in pedagogic practice it required and enabled, and the positive benefits and transformations in teaching and learning. Lastly, the talk will reflect on the interactions between the University's 'Lab in a bag' scheme and wider changes in Higher Education in the post-COVID context.
Dr Shaun Hides, Academic Dean Faculty of Arts & Humanities - Coventry University

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