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Learning with Augmented Reality: Designing memorable experiences

31 Mar 2023
Almost overnight, The Metaverse has become mainstream. Everyone is gearing up for a future of learning in the overlay reality, where our physical surroundings are transformed to a canvas for digital augmentation, so we can embed knowledge directly right where the action happens and where performance is required. Everyone? Smart Glasses are still a privilege, mobile AR limited, digital poverty on the rise. The promised liberation of learners from decades of being tied to their screens is still a fantasy. But it does not need to be. Prof Dr Fridolin Wild provides insight into research & practice at The Open University and its developing, '5.8m OpenXR studios, showing how 'learning in the real world' can meet the post-pandemic, post-automation demands for instant, spellbound, tangible learning ' for everyone.
Prof Dr Fridolin Wild, Full professor AR/VR - The Open University

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