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Agenda 2023



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La Metaversite: Will you teach and learn in an immersive world?

30 Mar 2023
Innovation , Futures
Conservatoire National des Arts et M'tiers in Paris (Le Cnam) is dedicated to lifelong learning, and is therefore deeply involved in distance online courses. At Cnam, a team of teachers and instructional designers launched an immersive Digital Twin of the Chemistry Lab using Virtual Reality in 2020. Cnam's lifelong learners undertake VR practical work to discover the lab, learn about security issues and perform technical activities. In this session, Dr. Thierry Koscielniak will discuss the approaches taken to manage a project that spans Chemistry Higher Ed professors, instructional designers with VR development skills and VR engineers from MIMBUS, a French VR development company. We'll explore the strategic point of view of this project in the current trend of the Metaverse emergence, ask what issues exist for Higher Education institutions and unveil a collective work from the JENII project.
Thierry Koscielniak, Chief Digital Officer - Conservatoire National des Arts et M'tiers (Le Cnam)

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