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Agenda 2023



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Human-centred research & co-creation to transform HE services & enrich student experience

30 Mar 2023
Leadership , Innovation , Inclusion
Case study-based review of lessons learnt from HE leadership discussions & service design-based process reviews to inform digital transformation, redesign of services and systems implementation to enhance the student experience. Key insights & takeaways: How engaging students in co-creation of their journey can provide critical insights to avoid failure demand through the identification of wait and pain points in service delivery; How we can ensure that staff working in large complex organisations like universities can step beyond their silos and come together to better understand and consider their role in the holistic student journey; Cut through digital jargon and address miscommunication where there isn't a shared understanding of terminology; Direct / Agent recruitment ' with increasing international student numbers understand how to streamline your systems, process, documentation, & data landscape to make sure you project the right profile & students get the right deal.
Phil Sanders, Director - PS EdTech
Jean Mutton, Service Designer for the Higher Education Sector - PS EdTech Associate

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