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The Future is not Singular: Seven Pillars of the Future of Higher Education

29 Mar 2023
Leadership , Futures , Innovation
In 2021, there were approximately 20,000 universities operating globally. Each of those institutions immersed in a more global, diversified and complex environment, and every institution affected by great, EdTech-driven transformations. The Seven Pillars, first shared at the UNESCO World Higher Education conference 2022, represent a diverse, futures-oriented attempt to understand the major tech trends impacting higher ed. With generative AI and the macroeconomic climate as a backdrop, Pablo Langa and Laurie Forcier will discuss the seven pillars (More-Versity, Multiversity, Ecosystemic Universities, Purposeful Universities, new Pathways, Augmented Learning Experience, and Thriving in Uncertainty), which they think might be on shifting sand, and what it all means for HE right now. Find out more at
Pablo Langa, Founder & Managing Partner - EDT&Partners & Exams for Zoom
Laurie Forcier, Director of Partnerships, Consultant - Educate Ventures Research, EDT&Partners

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EDUCATE Ventures & EDT&Partners

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