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A Fireside Chat: Ian Dunn and Paul LeBlanc Discuss the Future of Higher Education

30 Mar 2023
Leadership , Innovation , Futures
Leaders from two of the world's most innovative universities, the Coventry University (UK) and Southern New Hampshire University (USA), discuss the future of Higher Education in a rapidly changing world. They explore a new learning eco-system that includes micro-credentials and non-degree learning, new providers, the role of AI and data, new learning models, the evolving role of the faculty, and the future of quality assurance and accreditation. It is a conversation that remains mindful of Higher Education's critical role in creating a more equitable and just society, as an engine of economic mobility and prosperity, and place within a democratic society ' and the ways Higher Education can step up in all three.
Ian Dunn, Provost - Coventry University
Paul LeBlanc, President - Southern New Hampshire University

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