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Assessment in the time of change

31 Mar 2023
Leadership , Futures
We are living through a period of considerable change and the assessment process is far from immune. This talk will reflect on the various curveballs that have hit the Higher Education sector and more specifically assessment over the last few years, including covid, academic integrity issues, Artificial Intelligence implications and staff workload. This talk will cover the following areas: Introduction to the speaker and University College London. The impact of covid on assessment including a brief overview of the UCLs journey with procurement of an assessment platform and the employment of a dedicated digital assessment team. Current assessment design and the challenges posed to academic integrity of assessments. Artificial Intelligence, Chat-GPT and the impact it is having and is likely to have on assessment. Other challenges including staff workload, student wellbeing, inclusion, large cohorts, PSRBS and regulations. The opportunities these challenges present in changing assessment for the greater good. Attendees will benefit from a better understanding of the challenges currently facing assessment in Higher Education faces and ideas for potential solutions
Marieke Guy, Head of Digital Assessment - University College London

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